Monday, November 17, 2008

Top Tools

Today I started off reading Stephen's OLDaily for 17/11/2008 which took me on a very interesting journey. My first stop was the Corporate Learning Trends and Innovation 2008 - a free online conference. I am familiar with a number of the conference speakers, and I look forward to participating in some of the online events.   After discovering that no online events would happen until about midnight Perth time (groan), as the conference is running on Pacific Standard Time (GMT - 8hrs) I decided to explore the discussion forums. I popped into the discussion by Jay Cross on Should we host special online sessions for folks on other continents and discovered others had obviously groaned earlier and louder than me. I added my 2 cents worth to encourage additional sessions at more convenient times for those of us living downunder. I then wandered into the discussion Jane Hart - 25 Free Tools every learning professional should have
  • One of the posts led me to Jane's web site and a list of the 25 tools. 
  • A comment posted by Alan Levine led me to his wikispace CogDogRoo which also had lists and ideas about web 2.0 tools. 
  • A link on his site then led me to a number of sites containing web 2.0 laundry lists
...and the rest of my day was spent discovering new tools; slideshare, jing, PBwiki, polldaddy and others, many of which I have not had time to look at yet!

Here some examples of some that I did experiement with....
Example wiki on PBwiki
Example poll on Polldaddy

As usual my journey had me meandering all over the place, and again through my connections I have learnt.  I am currently researching web 2.0 tools that I could use in an online course I am writing (& delivering) for university students. There are heaps out there it's just a matter of finding the time to try them out and deciding which ones are most appropriate. 


Anonymous said...


Thank you for your post. Like you I think my involvement in CLT08 will be asynchronous. I am fascinated by people's journeys through a connected space and enjoyed your unfolding of links and ideas.

I wonder if you will share what tools you choose for your course? It would be great to read about what you choose and why. It would be even more interesting to see an evaluation of the tools post event.

At the moment I am looking at netvibes as an alternative to Pageflakes. It would be good to know if people have a preference about such tools. I am trying out Posterous too to see if it can support mobile learners.

Thank you for the post.


jennip said...

Hi Keith
Thanks for your comments. Yes, I will be happy to share what tools I choose and why. And thanks for prompting me to think about my post course evaluation. I'm still in the initial planning phase & working out how I am going to evaluate students work (assessments). But yes, I will reflect back on what I think did & didn't work after semester 1 so that I can "improve" the course for semester 2 etc...

I haven't had much to do with pageflakes & haven't heard of now you have added another tool to my list. I must confess I did look at Posterous...but I can't remember what it is. I've looked at so many tools lately, it obviously didn't make a great impression on me.

I would be interested to read your thoughts about the tools you are looking at and how you think you could use them.

So many little time. Especially when like you I want to enjoy my garden. So maybe we can share the workload?

Cheers Jenni

Anonymous said...

I will be delighted!

This is my Posterous blog

and this my first Netvibes attempt

Beautiful rain out East!