Thursday, November 27, 2008

CCK08 - it's not the end, it's just the beginning

In the final week of the CCK08 course I read Mike Bogle's blog CCK08: Course Evaluation and Feedback at TechTicker. This prompted me to think about my own experience with the course (as any good educator/trainer should). :)

Why did I join the course?
For a number of reasons....(eg: expected learning outcomes!)

  • to find out more about Connectivism

  • to make new connections with other educators

  • to learn from others and share ideas

Did I think the course was successful (for me)?
An overall YES, because...

  • I did find out more about Connectivism, which wouldn't have been hard, as I had no prior knowledge about it. Whether it is a new "learning theory" or a new "approach" - I don't know. I find the distinction between these terms is often blurred / mixed. I do think that a Connectivist approach (?) is a great way of learning, however I tend to agree with's comment at learning online
    I am very concerned by my students' apparent inability or unwillingness to engage in learning beyond what is explicitly codified. Giving them permission and encouragement to explore and develop their own connections has not been met with the wild enthusiasm that I expected. This is going to be challenging.

    I expect I will tackle this challenge in small stages and initially adopt a Connectivist approach for specific tasks rather than the entire course.

  • Yes, I made new "connections" with a number of other educators through a variety of different avenues. The main tools I used to connect were the Moodle Forums(my initial starting point), The Daily, OLDaily and Google Alerts for CCK08 blogs. I did join the facebook group but didn't visit very often so didn't connect to anyone here. Ididn't get around to looking at Second Life and only fleetingly at twitter (which I found confusing). Many of the people I connected with indicated they like I'll probably look at a tutorial and visit it again to find out more about it.

    As a result of participating in CCK08 I am now connected through

  • Yes definitely. I learnt heaps from lots of things from different areas and looked at lots of different viewpoints. The course readings, videos and presentations provided heaps of information...however I must admit I only completed the readings for the first 3 weeks I do intend to go back & read some other the others after the course). In the following weeks due to other commitments I was not able to spend as much time as I would have liked on the course. My learning focus then moved onto reading the blogs of people who had caught my interest during the first few weeks. I didn't "participate" to a great extent, which is unlike me, however I did respond occasionally on the Moodle discussion forum and added comments to a number of blogs. Through the connections I have made I am learning (and will continue to do so) and also sharing my ideas and skills (eg: added a voiceThread and Frappr map to the Australian Edubloggers directory, created a top tools wiki that I invite others to contribute to and will create a free learning resource for the WikiEducators project.

Meeting my objectives - I got more than I expected from the course and my only regret was "so much to discover and too little time".
Meeting the course objectives - I did not complete any of the assignments so if I was doing the course for accreditation I would have failed!

However it's not over yet, for me it's just the beginning of my journey and I hope to get time to complete the readings and maybe some of the assessment tasks!

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