Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Week 1 - My learning journey

Week 1: What is Connectivism? (September 8-14)

I started my learning journey by reading, listening and looking at George & Stephen's presentations: 

I skimmed through some of the readings (I didn't read them in detail as some docs were quite long):

I then decided it was time to get connected and see what others were saying and doing...my first stop was the CCK08 Moodle course where I: 
  • posted a comment to the Week 1 - What is connectivism forum. 
  • added myself to the Google map of participants
  • added a post to the General forum: Meetups expressing interest in a meetup in Perth
  • added comments to General forum: Introductions. Hugh from Edinbrugh (as our daughters are both currently living in Edinbrugh) and Austin from Fremantle (as it was good to find a fellow "Sandgroper" in the course. 
  • looked at the General Forums: What is Moodle - which had numerous responses, so I didn't add anything and RSS Feeds - I was hoping to find out "how" to add an RSS feed (as I haven't had much luck with RSS feeds (but this forum was mainly people adding their own feeds & links to blogs) so I just looked to see what tools (sites) were being used 
  • read the General Forum: Blended Learning/elearning (by Nellie Deutsch from Israel) as I am very interested in this area. 
  • I followed the 2 links on Nellie's post: http://connecting-online.ning.com http://connecting-online.blogspot.com The NING site reminded me of my Facebook site (which I love and use to stay in touch with family & friends) so I created a (NING account) so I can connect with fellow educators and people interested in online learning.
  • I also started my own blog (although at the time I was not sure how I was going to use it). I've now decided to use it to document my learning journey throughout this course - what I did and why, so I can look back at it and reflect on it. Through my blog I started a dialogue with Nellie... She invited me to create a course on her Moodle site and to co-faciliate a Wiziq session with her. I am very familiar with Moodle but had to stop and think about what course I would like to create that might be beneficial to others (still not sure...) before responding to Nellie. I have never heard of Wiziq - so I went off on a sideways journey to discover what it was and how it worked. Wiziq appears to be similar to Elluminate (an online virtual learning environment , VLE) which I have used but is very expensive. I've created my own Wiziq account and will play about with it and accept Nellie's offer to co-facilitate when I am more familiar with it. 

Through my NING account I connected with the following people... 
  • Welcome messages received on my Home page from: - Greg (Phillipines) - Doris (Venezuela) - T BALAJI (HYDERABAD, India) 
  • Friend requests: - Jagdeep (India ?) who connected me to authorstream, an online PowerPoint sharing tool - DBulleted Listavid (Christchurch, United Kingdom) - Isabelle (United Kingdom) 
  • I visited Nellie's Moodle site and enrolled myself in all of the Web 2.0 courses as they are all of interest to me, both for the content and to see how others have constructed their online courses. Nellie's "Introduction" segment connected me to voicethread, which I love. I recognised a few people from the CCK08 course (David, Doris, Maru). I have already produced a voicethread about my Mother (who passed away last year) and invited her friends and relatives to add their memories. 
My Moodle courses (role = student):
  • Blogspot Posts: Ted Kopp. Connected me to BannerFans.com which I have used to create a banner for my Europe 2008 blog. - Webquests: Nellie Deutsch (includes links to examples)
  • Digital Stories: David Brear (includes links to examples) 
  • Exploring new domains: Nellie Deutsch. On perusing the participant list for this course I noticed Meg O'Reilly from Lismore. I decided to email to Meg and make a connection as I was heading to Lismore for the weekend - just one more thing in common! 
  • Collaborative Learning: Nellie Deutsch 
Other Blogs & web sites I read...
but not sure how I connected to them (probably thru the Moodle forums or the Daily). Info taken from my browser history: 

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