Monday, September 29, 2008

CCK08 Week 3 - Keep on Blogging

Blogs & web pages I read...
Read Valdis Krebs blog "The Network Thinker"

Moodle Forums I read and posted to...
  • Is this class a good example of connectivism?
  • Concept Maps by Mike Bogle.  Romi Rancken provided some tips on using CMAP & a link to a PowerPoint presentation by Ian Kinchin about 3 different types of concept maps 1/ spoke, 2/ chain & 3/ nets (mesh).  Downloaded
  • BlogRovR - another Blog Aggregator with some neat features! by Steve Tuffill
Blogs & web pages I read...(via Google alerts)
Blogs & web pages I read...(via The Daily)

Resources & Links I'd like to investigate...

People I connected with...
  • Nellie Deutsch (Israel)- blog comment
  • Marina Petrovic (Montenegro) - Connecting Online NING friend request
  • Clesio DaGama (Brazil) - ipeace NING friend request 


Anonymous said...


I like the way you share your reading and experience of the course.


Sarah Stewart said...

Hi Jenni

Thanks for popping by my blog. Hope you're finding connectivism as interesting as I am

michael chalk said...

Hi Jenni .. yes it's interesting to see the huge list of links and blogs you've been following ..

Thanks for sharing, and hang in there ;-]

kind regards, michael

jennip said...

Keith, Sarah & Michael
Thanks for visiting my blog. I haven't done much on it for the past we've been doing a backyard blitz which took up 100% of my time. But I am now back at the computer and still "hanging in" Cheers Jenni